Bronx 120 interview on Law and Disorder

How is RICO being implemented in the Bronx 120 case ? What are the national implications of this raid?

Listen to Cindy, a member of the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee NYC, on Law and Disorder radio show, elaborate on the nefarious nature of the mass-kidnapping of the Bronx 120!

One thought on “Bronx 120 interview on Law and Disorder

  1. Richard Williams says:

    There was a lot of people i knew personally, that were victims of this incident Paula Clarke was someone that was very close to me growing up in the valley, and i feel that it was atrocious what occurred that morning in her home. These raids were not only unjust but actions need to be done as a form consequence for what they have done. I know these people dont have anything to do with these charges that are pending against them. The fact that they are convicted for association is ridiculous, most of those people went to the same schools, live and play in the same area, so a lot of people are in jail for being close to someone who they presume have committed a crime. The distortion on the idea of war on drugs, dates back to a reason why these innocent black people are being targeted. Everything was done wrong in this tragedy from the raids, to even how people who are trying to support bronx120 are being treated. I went to one of the court dates and the officers didnt even allow people to see or enter the courtroom, it was as though they want outsiders to be isolated from this case so we dont hear about the unjust that going on in the courthouse. The system is corrupt and i am happy i am not the only one who sees it.

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